Hello, and nice to meet you! My name is Jennifer Stewart and I want to share a little bit about myself and about why I choose Lambda School to learn coding. Below you will find some info about me, what I have learned and studied so far, projects I have done and accomplishments I have achieved. All of this leads up to the reasons I want to be a Developer, and why I would be a great fit for the Lambda School. I hope you enjoy!

About Me

A little about me... I live in a suberb outside of Kansas City with family, where I enjoy spending time with them doing things like indoor rock climbing, playing soccor at the park or playing games online with eachother. I am very greatful that my family is very supportive of my pursit to be a Web Developer. I don't have to work and can give my full, and uninterrupted attention if choosen to go to the Lambda School.

Web Development started as an interest and then hobby in 2016 for me. Finding Free Code Camp's online tutorials was what really focused my attention on learing HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Since then I have found so many more resources to help further my knowledge on Developing. Some of my favorite resources include:


girl holding sign
Why Lambda?

Since I have started taking the Lambda precourse I have learned more of the following subjects:

  • HTML tags and attributes
  • CSS3 box model and styling of webpages
  • Javascript variables and data types, arrays, functions, and so much more!

However, I'm most interested in enhancing my knowledge of the following web development languages:

  • React
  • Python
  • Node
  • Redux
  • SQL

See the Pen Tic-tac-toe Final... by Jen (@jen-stewart) on CodePen.

See the Pen Heart tester by Jen (@jen-stewart) on CodePen.


Free Code Camp Certificate in Javascript Algorithms and Data Sturctures (representing approx. 300 hours of coursework) FreeCodeCamp Certificate

26 Badges from Codecademy for completion of Javascript tutorials, including a badge for completing 100 exercises Codecademy Certificate

SoloLearn Javascript Certificate of Completion SoloLearn Javascript Certificate

SoloLearn HTML Fundementals Course Certificate of Completion SoloLearn HTML Cerficate

Why Coding?

There are so many reason's why I would love to attend Lambda! Select the button below to see a few of them.